Click on this image to see our YouTube channel!

Click on this image to see our YouTube channel!

!!!BIG NEWS!!!

We have been preparing our EP for a release in mid June. It will have 5 songs on it to give you a taste of our Roots Rock energy. We are also planning on having our first full album ready for release late summer/early fall of 2017. To get our music in your hands we have decided to put our music on a USB drive in the form of a Muddy Boots Slap Bracelet. 

We are going to make a limited run of these first USB Slap Bracelets for our first 5 song EP. If you buy the first edition you will get all the Music we record in the future for FREE. Just bring your bracelet to a show and we will download the latest music we have to it. So as long as we are making music you will get the latest and greatest because you were brave enough to support us by purchasing our very first release. 

Previous events


Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Jason's House Concert, 1953 Pratt Drive, Elko, Nevada

Jason's annual summer house concert is going to be the biggest party yet. We will be performing and we have invited Black Market III. They are a killer blues band out of San Diego. As always this is a donation based concert so please be prepared to make a donation to help keep these bands rocking!!!

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Tomato's Italian Grill , Elko, Nevada

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Elko Convention Center, Elko, Nevada

Rockin The Flood Music Fest!!! Benefit concert to aid those in our community effected by the floods. We are lucky enough to share the event with three other bands for non stop music


Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Taylor Canyon Club, Tuscarora, Nevada

We had such a smoking good time here for our preseason opener we have been invited back to tear it up again. Tell your friends


Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Private Christmas Party

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Private Christmas Party

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

DLC Gallery

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders

Mellow Fellows Pub, 9980 N Lake Blvd , Kings Beach, CA 96143

Mud slinging Roots, Blues and Americana done the Muddy Boots way. See Matt play "Splinters" his resonator made of pallet wood. We are to be the final show of the 2016 Interstate Concert Series at Mellow Fellows! Come join us and try the 40 Craft beers!

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders


Private House Concert

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Muddy Boots & the Porch Pounders are the Premier Roots & Blues Band in Northern Nevada. From Classic Delta Blues To Roots Originals. We are Americana. So grab yourself a chair on the porch and hang on cause we are gonna lay the Grit & the Groove down all night long. 

Out of hibernation 

We are officially out of hibernation. We played to an amazingly energetic crowd in Taylor Canyon for our Preseason opener. The crowd was so much fun we could not wait to go back so we will be there April 7th for you to kick up your heels and Stomp You Feet!!!

Kelly Garni swinging with Muddy Boots 

What could be better way to ending a totally awesome weekend than a jam session with our new friend Kelly Garni! Kelly is a great guy as well as a judge for the Magic Valley Battle Of The Bands 2016. He was brave enough to get his boots muddy with Matt and Nolan at the Riverside in Burley after Saturdays Show! He shared his wisdom with us as well as art and stories of his coffee adventures. Get a copy of Kelly's book at this link!

Magic Valley was a blast! 

Muddy Boots band just had a blast with the Bill's Trophy Club's Porch Pounders as well as our new bunch of Porch Pounders from the Magic Valley Battle Bands! Nolan spent the last half of last week meeting some awesome Magic Valley residents, handing out flyers for both events and Muddy Boots Stickers! It was really a privilege to play for music fans and with such great musicians. Matt, Brian Trevor and Nolan all brought their A game and are thrilled with our performance. Thanks to Rena Kelsay and Daniel Veley for making us look great in photo's! Follow this link to magic for the interview with Nolan!

Magic Valley Battle Of The Band commercial now posted! 

The Battle Of The Bands commercial is hot! It is exciting to get to share the stage with talented musicians and we look forward to the great fans at this event. Here is a list of bands and the flyer for the event.

- This Awkward Moment 
- Muddy Boots and the Porch Pounders 
- Freckled By Myth... 
- AsFireFalls 
- Illest*Lyricists 
- Russell Overbay 
- Life-Without 
- Mains & Monitors

Catching up with the to do list! 

     It has been a busy summer for some of the Muddy Boots Boy's. Two have moved with one in another state so logistics has been a major concern. The boxes are unpacked and life moves on with an exciting September schedule. We are EXCITED to be playing September 9th at Bill's Trophy Lounge in Eden, Idaho. Bill's will be our warmup for the Magic Valley Battle Of The Bands. We look forward to playing with seven other talented bands at this event. September 17th is reserved for a House Concert for a close friend who makes this band possible. Then we are of to Carson City to play at Sassafras Eclectic Food. Well I will cut short here as I am excited about more events in the works and have to byte my keyboard lol! Signing off Nolan   

Muddy Boots ROCKED the Elko Motorcycle Jamboree 

We had a great weekend playing at the jamboree. Tons of great music and bikes all over Elko for the event. Muddy Boots played a gritty grove late into the night Friday and a SMOKIN' HOT set Saturday afternoon. Grog Walker was picking and choosing some tasty licks on harmonica, while Joel Utter layed down a funky grove on bass guitar. Brian Deihl was amazing the drums with impeccable timing to keep lead guitarist Nolan McRae in line. They all tired to reign in Matt Downs but it was a wild ride!!!

We have some great live footage courtesy of Brian Chapman and edited by Nolan McRae so check it out on the front page of our website. 

Muddy Boots in Utah!!! 

We are thrilled to be going to Utah to play the Wallsburg Music Festival! It's in Utah about 20 minutes up Provo canyon or 13 miles from Heber. It's a gorgeous area with camping available on-site. There will be tons of great music in a variety of styles do go to for details and to get your tickets. It's going to be an amazing event. I'm especially excited to see Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band!!! Make your plans to be there!!!


Hey, hey, hey!!! We have been kind of quiet lately but we aren't gone. In fact we are gearing up for an exciting summer and we are going to kick it off next weekend! We are playing the Elko Motorcycle Jamboree!!! Friday June 17th from 10:00-midnight and again Sat from 4:30-6:30. It's going to ROCK!!!

Muddy Boots Roots Revival Show 

Man we had a blast rocking the showroom at Stockmens for the Muddy Boots Roots Revival. Thanks to Lenny Nast, The Beach Party Surfers, and Havoc Stone for helping to make the show great. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help. We were just mentioned in the Reno Gazette as one of the most creative band names. Looks like we are on fire right now and not about to put it out. Check out Facebook for updates and make sure to sign up for our email list.